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WarongaA Swahili word which means You have planned

Waronga is a pre-buy planning tool. The idea is based on the fact that all of us do some window shopping before we buy something. Window shopping is valuable in different ways to different people. Please select which one of the following best describes you at this moment.


Waronga implements the idea of shopping lists. Once you create an account your products and services will be linked shopping lists. These will enable potential customers to do a once off purchase. As a supplier of a product or service being ahead of your customer is the best way of winning against competition.

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Find projects that have been tried and tested to accomplish certain goals e.g building a house. We walk you through various stages of a plan giving you different resources that apply at each stage. Compare prices of inputs you need at all stages to avoid losing money.

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Knowledge is the new gold. Are you a wedding planner, construction manager or know any step by step process to accomplish a specific goal. Share your knowledge by creating plans and step and by step stages and get paid.

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